What is Livearn

Livearn is a social media who offer you to earn some free money by posting on their media, by liking and commenting on people post, by referring your friends.

But the main question is, is it really possible to earn money with

Answer is No. Yeah Big Fat No. I join this platform quite a long time ago like at starting period. But still not have enough money to withdraw from them.

I just made 2 post there and got a good amount of like and followers like 200+. As per their system, if you got like on your post, it will earn you some point and later you will able to convert them to money. Similarly for getting dislike on your post they will cut point from your account.

But reality is, no point added for like which i get on my posts but they cut 3 more point for getting 3 dislike on my post where i have 35+ like on my two post and no point added to my account.

I also have a good number of referrels but all happens they not also provide me any referral bonus.

So no money for posting, referring and liking.

Even if you able to earn some point, you will not able to reach minimum withdraw which is $5 or 5000 points.

Livearn is a Scam

  1. Already turning into a porn sharing site
  2. Have earning options but not able to earn and withdraw your earnings
  3. No payment proof

Although, it will not help you to earn money but the livearn social community is very fast and lots of people active there. So you can easily make some money with it by using little tricks.

How to make money with livearn

Community is very big and active. You can share anything you want. So if you have any blog site or website site, you can share your blog or website link there or any affiliate link there to get some quick visitors or sells. That’s how you can make money with

Asibur Rahman

Hi! I am Asibur. Professionally I am a front web developer. Beside my professional work, I love to review online micro earning site which give people a opportunity to earn little extra cash. I also love to write blog about money making tips, online earning tips etc.


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