Dollar4Cut Review- Earn Money By Shortening Links !


Everyone loves easy money. I hope you too right? If so then you are in the right place! Today in this post I am going to review dollar4cut which is a paid url shortener website. By using dollar4cut, we easily able to earn some extra free cash. Three simple step to earn using dollar4cut:

  1. Sign up to Dollar4Cut
  2. Shorten your URL
  3. Share it with your friends, followers, subscribers and so on.

So What is Dollar4Cut?

Dollar4Cut is a URL/ Link shortener website where you can short your ugly long link to beautiful looking short link. Now the question is, if Dollar4Cut only short our long url to pretty looking short link/url then how it will make money for us? Well there’s some process behind the screen. For understanding this clearly, first let me explain you, What is URL Shortener and how it works? and also, What is the different between URL shortener and Paid URL Shortener?


What is a URL Shortener?

URL shortening is a service which provide by some websites. It help us to beautify our ugly looking long- URL to pretty looking short one. It just a process to make your link looks better. Check example which given below to understand clearly-

Long URL-

Shorted URL-

See how it actually work? Yeah our long url and shorted url looks different but they are same. When someone will click on shorted url, it will automatically redirect our visitor to main url. No delay between this and also no third party website or ads will come between this process.

That’s how a normal url shortener or URL Shortener works. It just used to shorted our url. Now the question is, if it just shorted our long looking url, then how it will make money for us? Well, for making money, we have to use paid url service like dollar4cut.

Difference Between URL Shortener and Paid URL Shortener

Both the paid and normal url shortener makes our ugly looking long keyword to short one. But the difference is Normal URL shortener redirect our visitor to our main URL without giving any time delay when Paid URL shortener, take our link clicker to their website and view them some ads for 5-15 seconds and then they redirect them to the main URL. And for showing our visitors some ads they pay us.- Simple. I hope you understand. Now let’s come back to our main topic and know more details about dollar4cut.

Details About Dollar4Cut

Dollar4Cut is a band new paid URL shortener website where you can short any URL for free and share them with your friend to earn from your shorted url. There’s so many popular paid URL shortener available. Dollar4Cut is a new and simple one. Let me tell you some reason why you need to choose dollar4cut:

Why Use Dollar4Cut?

High CPM Rate

We always loves to earn more right? Yeah. When dollar4cut providing us high CPM, it’s easily helping us to earn more in less visitors.

Low Mimimum Payout

Minimum payout is only $1 which give an opportunity to new and small publisher to try and withdraw money from their network. They supported payment method- PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Payeer and more.

Daily Payout

Dollar4Cut pay their member every single day. So you don’t need to wait monthly or weekly to get payout schedule. Get payment within a hour of request!

Details Publisher Dashboard

Details publisher dashboard helps you to track and understand your visitors and clicks easily.

Good Referral Earning Opportunity

They provide you 20% referrel commission which is really great.

Free Useful Tools

They provide you Quick Link, Mass Shrinker, Full Page Script, Developers API, Bookmarklet which is really useful to increase your earning!

No Cheating/ Annoying Ads

Their ads placement is good. Not so many ads on one page. It looks perfect to me.

Last Line

That’s the end of my review about Dollar4Cut. I hope you will like it. Give it a try and make some good money. Have a wonderful day!


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