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BTC Business LTD is a high yield crypto currency investment program. You can invest here some crypto $ based on their investment plan and they will use that money on Forex or trading to bring you some handsome profit within 180 minutes- as they described to their website.


First of all, we are not here to promote any program. Our website main vision is to give our reader some valueable information which will help them to take right decision.

As I already mentioned that, this is a hyip program and almost 95% hyips are scam and risky to invest. HYIP will scam and run away with your money today or tomorrow.

There are several reason that helped me to decide that this is probably a scam one. Although this is only my personal opinion. Let me tell you that why this site looks scam to me:

Reason Number One- Why is a Scam

Website is not complete. They just bought a theme anywhere from internet and install it to their server. Most of the page links are dead. One real company never use any unprofessional pre-made theme.

Reason Number Two- Why is a Scam

No domain information is found. They use lookup looker for hiding their information like who is the owner of this domain.

Reason Number Three- Why is a Scam

Date confusion- Online Since/ Doing Business Since 2015, running 200 days, Business registered at 14th September, 2018.

Main thing is, they register their domain only a few days ago from namecheap. Running online only 5 days.

Means that they just hiding something from you or they just forget to edit them. Maybe they will edit it so fast after I published this video So here I add two screenshot from their website. review review review review

Last Line

Maybe some of you will come here and will show us some live payment proof videos. Actually that’s not issue at all. This type of site owner just hired YouTuber to promote their site and for making people crazy about investment, they pay more and said YouTuber to make live payment proof video. – I know this works because I also have a Crypto YouTube Channel and every day I also got this type of promotional offers. We have more proof to share with you. But I think it’s already enough to prove you that the site is scam. Thank you. if you have any site honest review request, send me inquiry at

Asibur Rahman

Hi! I am Asibur. Professionally I am a front web developer. Beside my professional work, I love to review online micro earning site which give people a opportunity to earn little extra cash. I also love to write blog about money making tips, online earning tips etc.

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